September 7 Stars: Select Years 2

September 7
1950 epoch Leap +3 years
2000 epoch Leap +2 years

You have a choice of 3 stars on this date. The brightest one, if that is your preference, is 60 LEO

Name: 60 or *b LEO aka HIP 53954, HR 4300
Magnitude: 4.4
Spectrum/Star type: White, with strong metallic lines.
Distance in light-years: 125
Date best observed: Apr 21
Additional information: 60 LEO is outside of the Zodiac.

Name: 61 or p2 LEO aka HIP 53907 HD 95578
Magnitude: 4.7
Spectrum/Star type: Orange Giant
Distance in light-years: 510
Diameter compared to Sun: ~25x
Luminosity compared to Sun: ~220x
Date best observed: Apr 21
Additional information: Dimmer p 1 is a few degrees to the right.

Name: 63 LEO, aka Chi LEO
Magnitude: 4.6, variable
Spectrum/Star type: Light yellow subgiant
Distance in light-years: 95
Date best observed: Apr 22
Additional information: Chinese:”a Wonderful Tower” A triple with two dimmer stars below it. The primary star is just a bit bigger and brighter than the sun. It is a variable star.

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