How This Started

This idea started when Jack wanted to make a starry night birthday card for a loved one using the sun’s position.

According to astrology, her birthday made her an Aries, March 21 – April 19. Much to his surprise, he found the sun’s position on her birthday was really in Pisces.

And it turns out that the position of the sun for everyone is about one month off from the astrological dates.

His research led him to the Library of Congress where he found the Nautical Almanac and he also bought a Norton’s Star Atlas. The more he tried to locate the position on a particular date, the more he had to learn about celestial motion.

We will be telling you more about precession, the changing velocity of the earth through the year, and other factors of the changing heavens.

But most importantly, from the fruits of this labor we can help you find that special star connected to your birthday, or other special date.

We can connect you to many facets of folklore and astronomy related to “your” star. We hope that you will be inspired to go to a local star club, science museum, and get out to see them soon. A good observer can help get you to at least close to the actual position of your star.


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