September 21 Stars: Select Years 1

September 21
1950 epoch: Leap, Leap +1, Leap +2 years
2000 epoch: Leap, Leap +1 years

There are no bright stars in this part of the sky. The stars shown here are from the 20th or 22nd. The store will have these stars imprinted with your date. The brighter one, if that is your preference, is 5 VIR.

Name: 5 VIR, aka Beta VIR, Zavijava
Magnitude: 3.6
Spectrum/Star type: Light yellow
Distance in light-years: 36
Diameter compared to Sun: <2 Luminosity compared to Sun: 3.5 Date best observed: May 4 Additional information: "The Angle", Arab Kennel of the Dog. Between Beta & Eta is the position of the northern hemisphere Autumn Equinox. This star was used for confirmation of Einstein's Theory of Relativity during a solar eclipse in Sept. 1922. This star lies at the same distance as Denebola, and is a triple system. Name: 8 VIR, aka Pi VIR Magnitude: 4.7 Spectrum/Star type: White Distance in light-years: 355 Diameter compared to Sun: 2 Luminosity compared to Sun: 15 Date best observed: May 7 Additional information: 8 Pi is a spectroscopic binary

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