September 20 Stars: Select Years 1

September 20
1950 epoch: Leap, Leap +1, Leap +2 years
2000 epoch: Leap, Leap +1 years

Your star for this date is 5 Beta VIR

Name: 5 VIR, aka Beta VIR, Zavijava
Magnitude: 3.6
Spectrum/Star type: Light yellow
Distance in light-years: 36
Diameter compared to Sun: <2 Luminosity compared to Sun: 3.5 Date best observed: May 4 Additional information: "The Angle", Arab Kennel of the Dog. Between Beta & Eta is the position of the northern hemisphere Autumn Equinox. This star was used for confirmation of Einstein's Theory of Relativity during a solar eclipse in Sept. 1922. This star lies at the same distance as Denebola, and is a triple system.

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