September 12 Stars: Select Years 2

September 12
1950 epoch: Leap +2 years
2000 epoch: Leap +1 years

You have a choice of 2 stars on this date. The brighter one, if that is your preference, is 78 Iota LEO

Name: 77 LEO, aka Sigma LEO
Magnitude: 4.0
Spectrum/Star type: Blue-white
Distance in light-years: 215
Diameter compared to Sun: ~3x
Luminosity compared to Sun: more than 50x
Date best observed: Apr 25
Additional information: China:”Higher General”.

Name: 78 LEO, aka Iota LEO
Magnitude: 3.9
Spectrum/Star type: Light yellow subgiant
Distance in light-years: 79
Diameter compared to Sun: 2
Luminosity compared to Sun: 11
Date best observed: Apr 27
Additional information: China: “Second General”. A binary system, with a period of 192 years.

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