September 1 Stars

September 1
1950 epoch: All years
2000 epoch: All years

There are no bright stars in this part of the sky. You are closer to August 30, whose star is 47 Rho LEO.
The store will have these items imprinted with your date.

Name: 47 LEO, aka Rho LEO
Magnitude: 3.8, slightly variable
Spectrum/Star type: Blue supergiant, will supernova some day!
Distance in light-years: 3700+, very far away!
Diameter compared to Sun: 23+
Luminosity compared to Sun: 165,000+!
Date best observed: Apr 14
Additional information: A spectroscopic binary. Its Babylonian name translates as “4th Son Behind the King”. An amazing star located on the Ecliptic. Very everything-young, hot, blue, big, bright, massive, and far!!!

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