October 4

October 4 Leap Leap+1 Leap+2 Leap+3
1950 26Chi VIR
29Gamma VIR 29Gamma VIR 29Gamma VIR
2000 26Chi VIR 26Chi VIR
29Gamma VIR 29Gamma VIR 29Gamma VIR

29 Gamma is a good choice for Leap Year in the 1950 era. In a few cases you have a choice. Remember that a smaller magnitude number is a brighter star, if that is your preference.

Name: 26Chi VIR
Birthday from Jack’s initial research: Oct 3
Magnitude: 4.7
Spectrum/Star type: Orange giant
Distance in Light Years: 320
Diameter compared to Sun: 8
Luminosity compared to Sun: 40
Date best observed: May 16
Additional information: 26 Chi has 3 optical companions. They appear close in the same direction but are not orbiting this star. 26 Chi is also known to have a planet with a mass about 11 times that of Jupiter.

Name: 29Gamma VIR Porrima
Birthday from Jack’s initial research: Oct 4
Magnitude: a double system 2.7 combined, 3.4 each
Spectrum/Star type: 2 light yellow stars separated by the distance of the sun to Pluto.
Distance in Light Years: 39, close!
Diameter compared to Sun: Each 1.2X
Luminosity compared to Sun: Each 4x
Date best observed: May 17
Additional information: Porrima was the Roman goddess of prophecy. This star is a beautiful binary in large scope, with a 170 year orbital period.

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