December 10

December 10 Leap Leap+1 Leap+2 Leap+3
1950 35Eta OPH 35Eta OPH 35Eta OPH 35Eta OPH
2000 35Eta OPH 35Eta OPH 35Eta OPH

Use 35 Eta for Leap+3 in the 2000 era.

Name: 35Eta OPH Sabik
Birthday from Jack’s initial research: Dec 10
Magnitude: 2.4
Spectrum/Star type: Two white stars in a binary system.
Distance in Light Years: 84
Diameter compared to Sun: 2.5x and 2x.
Luminosity compared to Sun: 35 and 21
Date best observed: Jul 24
Additional information: “Preceding”, rising before Antares. Sabik is a Navigational Star. The stars of this system orbit each other in an 88 year period. There are perhaps 2 more stars in this system. Persians, Egyptians, & Ethiopians of NE Africa called Xi, Theta, & Eta “The Magician”.

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