August 29

August 29 Leap Leap+1 Leap+2 Leap+3
1950 47Rho LEO 47Rho LEO 47Rho LEO 47Rho LEO
2000 47Rho LEO 47Rho LEO

Use 47 Rho for Leap +2 and +3 for this date.

Name: 47Rho LEO
Birthday from Jack’s initial research: Aug 29
Magnitude: 3.8, slightly var
Spectrum/Star type: Blue Supergiant, Supernova some day!
Distance in Light Years: 3700+, very far away!
Diameter compared to Sun: 23+
Luminosity compared to Sun: 165,000+!
Date best observed: Apr 14
Additional information: A spectroscopic binary. Its Babylonian name translates as “4th Son Behind the King”. An amazing star located on the Ecliptic. Very everything-young, hot, blue, big, bright, massive, and far!!!

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