August 24

August 24 Leap Leap+1 Leap+2 Leap+3
1950 36Zeta LEO 36Zeta LEO

36 Zeta will work for all years on this date.

Name: 36Zeta LEO Adhafera
Birthday from Jack’s initial research: Aug 24
Magnitude: 3.4
Spectrum/Star type: Light yellow Giant, rare, and fast rotating.
Distance in Light Years: 260
Diameter compared to Sun: 10
Luminosity compared to Sun: 200+
Date best observed: Apr 10
Additional information: Outside of the zodiac. “Lock of Hair”, originally referring to the Coma star cluster at the Lion’s tail, not the Lion’s Head. The name was transferred to this star, which is located in The Lion’s Mane, and in The Sickle as well. Just below Zeta is dim 39 LEO.

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