July 17

Leap Leap+1 Leap+2 Leap+3
1950 78Beta GEM
2000 77Kappa GEM
78Beta GEM 78Beta GEM


In one case you have a choice and you can consult the descriptions to see which one you like better.
Remember that a smaller magnitude number is a brighter star, if that is your preference.

78 Beta is Pollux, a bright and well-known star and a great choice. Even where it is not the technical choice, it will be pretty close.

77Kappa GEM
Birthday from Jack’s initial research: July 16
Magnitude: 3.6
Spectrum/Star type: Yellow Giant
Distance in Light Years: 145
Diameter compared to Sun: 11
Luminosity compared to Sun: 60
Date best observed: Mar 2
Additional information: Probably a Binary

Name: 78Beta GEM Pollux
Birthday from Jack’s initial research: July 16
Magnitude: 1.1, 17th brightest
Spectrum/Star type: Orange Giant
Distance in Light Years: 34, close to us
Diameter compared to Sun: 10
Luminosity compared to Sun: 45
Date best observed: Mar 3
Additional information: Brightest star with a planet. A Boxer, the immortal one of the Twins. Pollux is a Navigational Star and is the left one of The Twins-it has 2 “l”s in its name! Notice here, the brighter star is the “Beta” one.

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