August 15

August 15 Leap Leap+1 Leap+2 Leap+3
1950 HR 3834
14 Omicron LEO 14 Omicron LEO 14 Omicron LEO 14 Omicron LEO
2000 HR 3834 HR 3834 HR 3834
14 Omicron LEO 14 Omicron LEO

In a few cases you have a choice and you can consult the descriptions to see which one you like better.
Remember that a smaller magnitude number is a brighter star, if that is your preference.

Name: HR 3834 (once 2 SEX) aka HIP 47310
Birthday from Jack’s initial research: Aug 14
Magnitude: 4.7
Spectrum/Star type: Orange Giant
Distance in Light Years: 275
Diameter compared to Sun: ~20x
Luminosity compared to Sun: over 100x
Date best observed: Mar 31
Additional information: In the Zodiac. Once called 2 Sex (The Sextant), this star now in Hydra. On October 21, 2013, this star will be occulted by asteroid 313 Chaldaea. It will momentarily vanish from view. This is visible along a path, similar to a solar eclipse, but our source does not give this information.

Name: 14 Omicron LEO Subra
Birthday from Jack’s initial research: Aug 15
Magnitude: 3.5
Spectrum/Star type: White, binary
Distance in Light Years: 135
Diameter compared to Sun: 6/3
Luminosity compared to Sun: 35/15
Date best observed: Apr 1
Additional information: A binary system ,closer than Mercury to The Sun! Northeast a couple of degrees is the famous variable star R Leo, red in color, changing from 5 to 11 magnitude every 312 days. This star is larger than the distance from Sun to Earth! Names sometimes get mistranslated or misplaced like in this case. Subra means “The Mane”, but it is really in the paw.

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