September 23

September 23 Leap Leap+1 Leap+2 Leap+3
1950 8Pi VIR 8Pi VIR
9 Omicron VIR
2000 8Pi VIR 8Pi VIR 8Pi VIR

Use 8 Pi for the Leap +1 years in the 1950 era. For leap years in the 2000 era, either star could work. Remember that a smaller magnitude number is a brighter star, if that is your preference.

Name: 8Pi VIR
Birthday from Jack’s initial research: Sep22
Magnitude: 4.7
Spectrum/Star type: White
Distance in Light Years: 355
Diameter compared to Sun: 2
Luminosity compared to Sun: 15
Date best observed: May 7
Additional information: 8 Pi is a spectroscopic binary

Name: 9 Omicron VIR
Birthday from Jack’s initial research: Sep24
Magnitude: 4.1
Spectrum/Star type: Dark yellow Giant
Distance in Light Years: 170
Diameter compared to Sun: ~12
Luminosity compared to Sun: ~50x
Date best observed: May 8

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