November 6

November 6 Leap Leap+1 Leap+2 Leap+3
1950 58 HYA
9Alpha2 LIB
2000 107Mu VIR

Use 58 HYA or 9 Alpha2 LIB for all years in the 1950 era. Use 107 Mu for all years in the 2000 era. In some cases you have a choice. Remember that a brighter star has a lower magnitude number, if that is your preference.

Name: 107Mu VIR
Birthday from Jack’s initial research: Nov 5
Magnitude: 3.9
Spectrum/Star type: Light Yellow Giant
Distance in Light Years: 61
Diameter compared to Sun: 2
Luminosity compared to Sun: 15
Date best observed: Jun 16
Additional information: Sometimes called Rijl al Awwa, “Leg of the Barker”.

Name: 58 HYA aka E HYA, HIP 72571
Birthday from Jack’s initial research: Nov 6
Magnitude: 4.4
Spectrum/Star type: Orange Giant
Distance in Light Years: 305
Diameter compared to Sun: 25
Luminosity compared to Sun: 105
Date best observed: Jun 17
Additional information: In The tail of Hydra The Sea-serpent, 58 HYA was once part of Noctua, The Night Owl, with surrounding stars. It is just outside of the zodiac.

Name: 9Alpha2 LIB Zubenelgenubi
Birthday from Jack’s initial research: Nov 7
Magnitude: 2.7
Spectrum/Star type: White, with strong metallic spectral lines
Distance in Light Years: 77
Diameter compared to Sun: ~5x
Luminosity compared to Sun: <40x
Date best observed: Jun 19
Additional information: The “Southern Claw”, once part of the Scorpion, now Libra’s southern scale. It’s companion 8 Alpha1 can be easily seen in binoculars, ~1.5x wider and ~5x more luminous than the sun. They are a true binary system. Each one is a spectroscopic binary as well. It is a 4-star system! This star is probably part of the Castor moving group. It is located just N of Ecliptic and is also a Navigational Star.

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