November 24

November 24 Leap Leap+1 Leap+2 Leap+3
1950 48 LIB
7 Delta SCO 7 Delta SCO 7 Delta SCO
2000 5Rho SCO
48 LIB 48 LIB
7 Delta SCO 7 Delta SCO 7 Delta SCO 7 Delta SCO

In many cases you have a choice of stars for this date. Remember that a brighter star has a smaller magnitude number, if that is your choice.

Name: 5Rho SCO
Birthday from Jack’s initial research: Nov 23
Magnitude: 3.9
Spectrum/Star type: Extremely Blue
Distance in Light Years: 410
Diameter compared to Sun: ~ 4
Luminosity compared to Sun: 2500
Date best observed: Jul 5
Additional information: 5 Rho is a spectroscopic binary and is likely a 3 star system. It is the most southerly of the 4 stars that make up the modern “Claws” of The Scorpion.

Name: 48FX LIB
Birthday from Jack’s initial research: Nov 23
Magnitude: 4.8-5.0, variable
Spectrum/Star type: Blue Supergiant
Distance in Light Years: 515
Diameter compared to Sun: 3x
Luminosity compared to Sun: ~1000x
Date best observed: July 6
Additional information: 48FX is a shell variable star. James Kaler writes that it is only 50 million years old. It will quickly evolve into a giant, then a white dwarf.

Name: 6Pi SCO Fang
B’DAY: Nov 23
MAG: 2.9
SPEC: Blue, 2 stars Rapid Rotators
LYR: 460
DIA: A-5 B-4
LUM: A-10,000 B-3,000 with Reflection Nebula.
CULM: Jul 6
MISC: This is a very close binary pair separated by only the distance of Earth to sun! They are surrounded by a reflection nebula. There is also a third-dwarf star. In China and Korea, “A Room”, from their lunar zodiacs.

Name: 7Delta SCO Dschubba
B’DAY: Nov 24
MAG: Usually 2.3,but in 2003 brightened to 1.5!
SPEC: Blue, A has rapid rotation-90x Sun!
LYR: 400
DIA: A-5x, 4 stars likely
LUM: A-14,000x in UV
CULM: Jul 6
MISC: 7 Delta is a Shell star. There are 4 likely 4 stars in this system. One of its
companions has a highly eccentric orbit and comes so close to that it triggers an outburst. In 2011, the brightness peaked at 1.65. The name means “The Forehead”. There is so much interstellar dust between us and Delta that its light is dimmed by 50%! This star is changing before our eyes! It is worthy of close observation.

Name: Xi SCO
Birthday from Jack’s initial research: Nov 25
Magnitude: 4.1
Spectrum/Star type: Light yellow
Distance in Light Years: 80
Date best observed: Jul 7
Additional information: A Binary with 3 other stars! In the 1921 Edition of Norton’s Star Atlas it is also called 51 LIB.

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