December 20

December 20 Leap Leap+1 Leap+2 Leap+3
1950 M7 SCO M7 SCO
2000 M7 SCO M7 SCO M7 SCO M7 SCO

Use M7 Scorpio for Leap and leap+1 years in the 1950 era.

Name: Messier 7, SCO “Ptolemy’s Cluster”
Birthday from Jack’s initial research: Dec 19
Magnitude: 3.3, integrated magnitude for the cluster
Spectrum/Star type: Blue
Distance in Light Years: 800
Date best observed: Aug 3
Additional information: A cluster of stars, number 7 in Messier’s Catalog of objects he would not confuse with a comet. It is younger than the Pleiades, twice as large as M6, & much closer. It is outside of the zodiac. Look low in the south in summertime to see the beauty of M7 and M6!

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