October 10

October 10 Leap Leap+1 Leap+2 Leap+3
1950 47Epsilon VIR 47Epsilon VIR
2000 47Epsilon VIR 47Epsilon VIR 47Epsilon VIR

Use 47 Epsilon for any year on this date.

Name: 47Epsilon VIR Vindemiatrix
Birthday from Jack’s initial research: Oct 10
Magnitude: 2.9 var
Spectrum/Star type: Dark yellow giant
Distance in Light Years: 100
Diameter compared to Sun: 12
Luminosity compared to Sun: 85
Date best observed: May 22
Additional information: Latin:”Grape Gatherer” from its morning appearance at grape-harvesting season, just outside of the zodiac. It is a powerful X-ray source,with a strong magnetic field. Between this star & Denebola, is The Realm of the Galaxies. Seen in a moderate-sized scope this Virgo-Coma Cluster of Galaxies is 54 million light-years away. It may have as many as 2000 members,including our Milky Way as a distant outlier!

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